o2 Ends Roaming Charges in Ireland

Just read this article on RTE.ie

O2 to abolish roaming charges in the North

O2 will abolish roaming charges between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for its 1.6 million customers from April. The company has also abolished roaming charges across the UK and Ireland for its business customers.

From April, roaming between here and the North will be scrapped on O2’s network for all its pre-pay and post-pay customers. These means that these customers will not be charged for calls they receive while roaming in Northern Ireland.

This is great news for people in Donegal, particularly those who live near the border and any of us who travel frequently. When I was studying in UU Magee in Derry roaming charges put my bill up hugely, and much the same happens whenever I travel near the border or into the North.

It is quite ironic that the strongest networks available in Donegal County Council’s HQ in Lifford are those coming from the North, leading to people sitting in the council chamber receiving “Welcome to the UK” texts. I have even received these texts while in Ballybofey, and on one occasion in Letterkenny.

This move is long overdue. It should have come when the Networks first merged. But, as the saying goes, better late than never. I only hope Vodafone will follow suit!

Update: Vodafone have now joined o2 in ending roaming charges for bill-pay users, from April 14th. It’s part of their Vodafone Passport programme

4 thoughts on “o2 Ends Roaming Charges in Ireland

  1. Damien, if you read the small print it doesn’t apply to prepay customers who have to pay some additional fee still.

    In addition, pre pay customers will pay a new flat rate of 39 cent for calls and texts made in Northern Ireland and back to the Republic of Ireland.

    It wasn’t clear was this a flat fee per call or text or just the one time they join the network and start calling and texting.

  2. As the saying goes, the devil is in the detail. While this is still a good step forward, it’s unfortunate it’s not been as wide-ranging as we would have liked. This is particularly true for students, most of whom would be on pre-paid phones.

    Hopefully it will develop further, to extend not just to all o2 subscribers, but to the rest of the networks.

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