New Site Feature- Comments

I’ve just added a new feature to this website.

Now, you can comment on the posts I put here, and the comments will be appended to the end of the post. This is a great way of developing a debate. Examples can be seen on many of the sites I visit, including and iePolitics.

There’s a few important things to note. If you want to comment, click the link at the bottom of each post which says “Comment on this post”. There, you can leave your name, email and comment. Your email address won’t be displayed on the site. As this is new, I won’t be moderating the comments. This means that whatever you say will be added to the site immediately. I hope the system works- if it’s abused I’ll have to change it, but my experience so far has been that responses to this site have been well intentioned and well argued.

I’ve enabled comments for all the recent posts on the front of the site (including my post about the Council trip to the USA) and will enable it for posts from now on.

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