Casual Trading Update

Monday’s Donegal News carried an update on the continuing situation regarding Casual Trading in Letterkenny.

Some of the casual traders were mounting a legal challenge to the Bye-Laws we passed last year, on a technical point of law. They sought to have the Casual Trading Bye-Laws overturned, leaving no regulations in place for the times, locations and amount of traders on the streets in the town. Their legal challenge effectively meant that there were no regulations in place, as the Gardai were unable to enforce the Bye-Laws while the challenge proceeded.

The case was dealt with during last week’s sitting of the Court in Letterkenny. The challenge was rejected, meaning the Gardai will now be able to enforce the Bye Laws and that casual trading will now be regulated in Letterkenny for the first time.

It took a long time, a lot of consulation and substantial negotiation to get the Bye Laws agreed. When they were passed, most people involved seemed fairly happy; including the Chamber of Commerce, most casual traders, and traders on the Main Street. The legal challenge came out of the blue, and has caued real problems. I’m delighted it’s now sorted, and we can now see the law enforced in the town.