Something weird’s happened here…

For some reason, I’ve lost about two years worth of posts to the blog here. It coincides with my finishing the council, and trying to figure out what to do with this blog.

So, while I figure out what has happened, and where everything has gone, I’d like to say two things:

Firstly, a major thank you to everyone who helped me out on the council over the last five years. Personally, politically and professionally. Getting elected wasn’t easy in the first place; it took a great team of people to do that, and I hope I lived up to what you wanted to see in a councillor. Letterkenny Town Council has a great team of highly professional staff, who work closely with the Councillors to get things done. That’s why the Town has done so well in the last decade or so, and it’s why we have so much to show for the good years we saw here.

Secondly, I want to wish the councillors – re-elected councillors, new members Cllr Tom Crossan and Cllr Jimmy Kavanagh, and returning councillor Tadhg Culbert – the very best for the next five years. If the Council does well, Letterkenny does well. It’s hard to overstate the importance of a local authority in creating the right environment for a town as somewhere to live, work and grow up, and the input of the nine councillors will be key to achieving that.

I’ll post more of my thoughts on my time on the council, and my hopes for the next council, as soon as I can figure out what’s going on with the site here.

Update: through a combination of Google Cache and a few backups, I should be able to restore all the content. It will take a while, but I’ll get it sorted.

One thought on “Something weird’s happened here…

  1. We still need you. Skilled Professionals and young educated people returning to Letterkenny from overseas have no incentive to come home,they are discriminated against (as they didn’t claim social welfare for 12 months) from getting jobs in their own home town that they are qualified to do and have vast amount experience in. How is this best for letterkenny, surely the wrong people are getting the jobs here, especially in the social/community, child protection sectors of the community, our most vulnerable members. Just my thoughts

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