CSPE at St Eunan’s College

Earlier today I was in St Eunan’s College to speak to a group of 3rd Year students, who are currently doing a project on local politicians as part of their CSPE class. I was asked to attend and speak to them by their teacher, Ms Doherty.

It went very well. I spoke primarily about the roles and responsibilities of a local Councillor, and the differences it meant being Mayor. I was very conscious of trying to discuss relevant issues to keep it interesting, so I discussed the position (and abilities) of the Councillors in relation to Planning Control, Economic Development, and recent issues of note like the Celtic Cross at the Cathedral Car Park.

I wasn’t sure what to expect; anyone who has either spoken to a class of 15 year olds, or been one of the 15 year olds when someone comes in to speak, will know that it has the potential to be either fantastic or to go the complete other way. I am very happy to say it went very well! The students were well briefed, and had some prepared questions which led to an active debate. The students were all very well clued-in, with plenty of questions to ask and many points to make. The session was very productive, and reflected well on the boys in the class and on their teacher.

The students were full of questions about local issues on the ground, and knew their stuff on any topics they were asking about. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more young candidates coming forward in Letterkenny in the future elections!

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