Irish Blog Awards

Irish Blog Awards

It seems my website been nominated/shortlisted for two awards in the 2006 Irish Blog Awards- Best Political Blog and Best Personal Blog (a blog is a techie term for a website with entries ordered by date).

So, ever the politician, I’m canvassing again. If you like what I’m trying to do here with this website, visit this page and give me a vote. There’s many, many great websites listed there, so any help you give would be greatly appreciated.

Just scroll down to “Best Political” and “Best Personal” and you’ll see my name (either as Damien Blake or Cllr Damien Blake). Voting closes in two weeks time. They ask for your email address; this is just to ensure you only vote once, they won’t start sending you spam emails or sell/pass your details onwards.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Sorry for the interruption. Normal service will resume shortly!

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