Letterkenny Development Plan- Area of Town Centre Extension

Letterkenny Map

Letterkenny Town Council has just started a period of public consultation on a proposed addition to the Letterkenny & Environs Development Plan, 2003-2009. The plan relates to the development of the lands in the “area of Town Centre extension”- the lands bounded between the Pearse Road, Port Road and River Swilly.

The plan proposes a number of important developments in the area, relating to public walkways, open spaces and commercial developement, and sets the guidelines for all future development in the area.

The plan provides a number of exciting opportunities for the the development of the town, most notably the “Railway Square” public space. The plans can be inspected at the Town Council Offices, at the Public Services Centre on Neil T Blaney Road. Some information is available online at the Donegal County Council website, including this map of the area (3mb, PDF)

I’d encourage everyone with an interest in the development of the town to visit and inspect the plans. The Consultation Process will be open for submissions until the end of the month, and all submissions will be considered.

9 thoughts on “Letterkenny Development Plan- Area of Town Centre Extension

  1. we need marks and spencers, roches stores etc, and also streets – e.g o connell st , pearse st not rds like high rd, pearse rd etc.and more shopping centres not retail parks and new streets not just roads galore

  2. Does the Letterkenny and environs town plan propose that the current town centre be extended towards the lands bounded by the pearse roa,port road and the swilly or does it suggest a complete degeneration of the current towns centre and the creation of the new town centre in this area?

  3. I’ve heard roumers that there are plans for an ice rink in letterkenny and was wondering if this were true? if so then it is a brilliant idea… lots of youth groups go on ice skating trips to don donold ice-bowl in belfast,and to the odisey in belfast, if there was one in letterkenny it would cut costs on the bus run a fair bit, prevent the change of euro to sterling, and would accomidate for ALL of donegal, derry and possibly some other counties outside of antrim!!!

  4. Brendan,

    There’s been a lot of talk about that on Highland Radio recently, but to my knowledge there is no serious plans for this. There is no provision for an ice rink at the new leisure centre, for example. I think an Ice Rink would be a great addition to the town, but would probably not have a large enough market to support it. For example, the Jet Centre in Coleraine closed a few years ago, and there’s no Ice Rink in Dublin (excluding the temporary winter ones).


  5. is it true that an ice-rink will be built shortly in the town?please provide us with the info as it will be very usefull as our family enjoy ics-skating greatly in Dundonnald in Belfast.

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