Letterkenny Reunion

On Sunday night I attended the annual Fund Raising dance of the Letterkenny Reunion, in the Mount Errigal Hotel. The event was a great success; it was very well attended and everyone was enjoying the evening.

The purpose of the Dance was to raise funds for the next Letterkenny Reunion (taking place at the start of August 2006). The Reunion (formerly the Old Letterkenny Reunion) has become a very succesful focal point of many summers in Letterkenny, and runs every three years. Last time out (2003), people returned to Letterkenny from across the world to spend a week reminiscing and remembering.

The plans for next year are bigger again. The Reunion Committee recently spoke to Letterkenny Town Council about their plans, and I have no doubt that next year’s event will be a huge success.

The Reunion provides a great focal point to bring families back together, and (together with the Glencar Fun Week and the Errigal Arts Festival) has helped fill the gap left by the demise of the Letterkenny Folk Festival.

I’d like to wish everyone with the Reunion the best of success over the next year. I’m sure they’re hard work will pay off and we’ll have another great Letterkenny Reunion to remember.