Letterkenny Skate Park

Update: The Skate Park is now in place and being used. You can view some great photos of skaters in action here and here.

Sometimes things move faster than other in life on the council!

Following my motion at the June council meeting, it has been confirmed that Donegal County Council has secured €60,000 in funding for the development of a Skate Park at the new Town Park, to be developed in the Ballymacool area of town. Aideen Doherty, of Donegal County Council, has been working on this project for some time, and should be credited for all her work.

This is a further bonus for sporting and recreation facilities in Letterkenny, with the new multi-million euro sports centre (also in the Ballymacool area) well under construction, and developments at St Eunan’s GAA to mention a few. There are still many areas which remain underserved, but Letterkenny Town Council remain committed to developing as many youth, community and recreational facilites as possible around the town.

This week, Letterkenny Town Council honoured Letterkenny Rovers with a Civic Reception to recognise their achivements throughout the years. They do excellent work with young people in the town, and have done for years, as do the GAA teams and Rugby Club. But not every young person has an interest in competitive sport. This funding for the skateboard park will allow young people who fall outside the traditional sports to be engaged in their chosen activity in a safe and organised way.

This will help more young people to become physically active in an outdoor sport. Skateboarding has become increasingly popular in Letterkenny over the years, but with no proper facilities skateboarders have been forced to take part in their chosen sport in places which are not designed for that purpose, and are putting their safety in danger. When this facility is complete, that will no longer be a problem.

In my Mayoral acceptance speech, I mentioned the development of these facilities as one of the priorities of my term as mayor. I’m delighted that, already, we can report this major development.

6 thoughts on “Letterkenny Skate Park

  1. I have no problem with skating in public areas, as long as it’s not causing a danger (to yourself or others).

    The skatepark will be a place for young people to safely learn the skills, and to encourage and develop the sport locally, much in the same way there are “official” football pitches and basketball courts, but people take part in these sports in different places all around the town.

  2. Emily,

    To my knowledge, it’s not open yet. The contractors are due off the site at the start of May, and the Centre will be open for the end of the month (Riverdance is on around the 23rd, for example). The skate park is due to open with the rest of the centre.

    Best wishes,

  3. why again have they fenced off the park? this is a public park which was opened already, was it not? people have just got used to it being there and now they have enclosed once more.

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