June Meeting- My Motions and Questions

Monday night’s meeting passed without controversy. This post has some details on my own motions and questions from the meeting.

Question 1: What progress has been made on developments at Gartan Field?
Town Clerk’s Reply: The council has been informed the contractor will be onsite next week to begin drainage works and work on footpaths.
My thoughts: These works are long overdue, and had been promised to be completed in time for the summer. I welcome this new movement, and I hope things will run smoothly from here.

Motion 1: That this council discuss our position on recycling, in light of recent events
Result: The motion was universally accepted
My thoughts: The local authorities, together with schools and other local organisations, have done some excellent work in recent years convincing local people to engage in recycling. This has resulted in a real and visible change in people’s mindsets. The facilities we had in Letterkenny previously became victims of their own success, to the stage where we no have no facility for people wishing to recycle.

Tonight, I sough a commitment from the County Manager that recycling facilities be provided in Letterkenny as soon as possible. I welcome the move to kerb-side recycling, but we must remember that that is not suitable for all people or, indeed, all recyclable materials (eg Glass bottles, which cannot be put into a mixed recyclables bin for safety reasons).

All councillors spoke favourably on the motion, and are anxious that provision be made as soon as possible. Letterkenny Town Council is fully committed to recycling.

Motion 2: In advance of any progress on permanent improvements, this council takes immediate action to secure and improve the junctions on the Neil T Blaney/Paddy Harte/Loop road on a temporary basis with improved barriers and signage
Result: The motion was universally accepted
My thoughts: While the traffic system in this part of town remains controversial, we are all agreed that the junctions remain in an unsafe condition. Tonight, I called on the Town Engineer Michael McFadden to put in place temporary measures to secure and make safe the junctions. I was asking for simple measures, such as crowd control-style barriers, and temporary signage, to be put in place in advance of next weekends Donegal International Rally, to accommodate the expected influx of drivers to the town.

This is, obviously, not a permanent solution. However it is vital that these junctions be made safe as soon as possible. The Engineer has assured me he will do his best to get some improvements made as soon as possible.

Motion 3: That this council request Donegal County Council to apply for funding to establish a skate park in Letterkenny, under the scheme recently announced by the Department of the Environment
Result: The motion was universally accepted
My thoughts: The moves by the Department of the Environment to facilitate this growing activity must be welcomed. In a time where obesity is among the biggest health risks for children, as local authorities we must work to facilitate the participation in sport by as many young people as possible. Many people fall outside the traditional sports of gaelic football and soccer, and many of these young people are getting involved in Skate boarding.

At present, there is no formal facility in the Town for skateboarding. A number of sites have begun to attract skaters, but these sites are unsafe and not suitable for this use. I received a commitment tonight from the County Manager that an application is under active preparation, and will be submitted to the department. Hopefully Letterkenny will be able to accommodate skaters in the near future.