June Council Meeting

The monthly meeting for June takes place tonight at 7pm in the Public Services Centre. As members, we get to ask 3 formal questions and put forward 3 formal motions at every meeting.

For this meeting, I have the following questions and motions on the agenda:

Question 1:
What progress has been made on developments at Gartan Field?

Motion 1:
That this council discuss our position on recycling, in light of recent events

Motion 2:
In advance of any progress on permanent improvements, this council takes immediate action to secure and improve the junctions on the Neil T Blaney/Paddy Harte/Loop road on a temporary basis with improved barriers and signage

Motion 3:
That this council request Donegal County Council to apply for funding to establish a skate park in Letterkenny, under the scheme recently announced by the Department of the Environment